The premiere website for any and all vintage radio airchecks!!  Also tons of info, comments, links, etc.
A wonderful site, showing the DJs and the stations they worked at.  An invaluable reference.
THE jingle company!
The official website of the famed Cleveland Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum.
The National Radio Hall of Fame interesting place.
Another great radio/jingle site
A wonderful page with links to other Tribute Sites, Airchecks, classic radio personalities, and more!
The Cleveland Broadcast Radio Archives site, an interesting historical site with lots of info about Cleveland stations of the past and present
Another local Cleveland radio site, with lots of links and info
Another aircheck site, where you can find VIDEO airchecks of classic radio stations, reunions, celebrations, and more!
A huge aircheck site from New York
A site mainly for Broadcast professionals, with MANY radio links!
The classic CKLW site.  Another major player in Cleveland and other northern U.S. markets!


A great page devoted to CKLW, with some
wonderful airchecks and 'CK history!  Click on the logo!
WIXY 1260 Online
WIXZ 1360