This page will showcase WIXY's incredible involvement in Cleveland and the vicinity.  Newspaper clippings and promotional items will be displayed here. A tip of the hat to all who helped!  If you have anything to add, please contact us!

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A real treasure...the first newspaper article about the coming of WIXY 1260, from 1965!





Here's a Press Release on the Coming of WIXY...
Our thanks to former WIXY DJ Johnny Canton for providing this, and the 4 articles that follow!



A Press Release showing the first WIXY Line-up.  Note that the News occurs
 on the top and bottom of the hour, not at :15 and :45 as it did later.



Here's a blurb about a WIXY/Manners Restaurant contest from early 1966.



A WIXY "What's Happening" Release from early 1966




Another news release about the WIXY/Beatles concert in 1966



The WIXY basketball team, circa 1967.
How many of the WIXY Supermen can YOU identify?




From the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Sunday, August 1, 1971...
the headline reads "Troika Guides WIXY Along Route of Success" -
2 pages here:



The following three pages are from an advertising brochure that WIXY published in late 1971.




A few choice items that we found....






The following article appeared in the Cleveland Press Showtime Magazine, describing Gary Drake's radio history.


The following items come from former WIXY jock Terry Stevens, currently residing in Tennessee.  Thanks, Terry!

From a 1973 issue of Billboard, check out the photo and caption on the bottom right.




Here's a PD article about the first WIXY/WMJI reunion, from 1987.

Although this article was published in 1981, it's a great article about Jack Armstrong!

Here's some info about a new book at the Rock & Roll Days....your humble webmaster was interviewed for this book!

New Book Collects Stories from Cleveland's Rock and Roll Glory Days

CLEVELAND, OH - A new book collects stories about Cleveland’s rock and roll heyday, from the late 1950s through the early 1980s, as told by local veterans of the music scene.

For Cleveland Rock and Roll Memories, author Carlo Wolff interviewed dozens of musicians, radio DJs, concert promoters, record store owners, nightclub employees, and ordinary fans. He asked them to recall their favorite moments from the era when rock and roll culture was most vibrant in Northeast Ohio.

Their stories revisit some of the biggest concerts held in Cleveland, including the two Beatles concerts, the colossal World Series of Rock concerts, and the free Coffee Break Concerts at the Agora. They recall hit-making radio stations like WIXY 1260 and the early WMMS, and trendsetting retailers like Music Grotto and Melody Lane. And they talk about favorite local acts, from the James Gang and the Raspberries to Devo and the Dead Boys.

Some stories include history that many fans might not know. While it's no mystery that the original Agora nightclub on East 24th Street helped break big acts like Springsteen and Meat Loaf, a lesser known club, La Cave (on Euclid Avenue in a spot now occupied by the Cleveland Clinic), hosted some of the most exciting shows of the sixties, from folk musicians like Tim Buckley to rockers like Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground (who eventually recorded live material in the club).

 Many of the big names in Cleveland rock and roll contributed stories for the book, including musicians Michael Stanley, Eric Carmen, and Jim Fox (of the James Gang), promoters Mike and Jules Belkin, and Agora owner Hank LoConti. But ordinary fans had their say, too. Some recall their days of rowdy behavior during concerts at the old Municipal Stadium. Others reminisce about taking the Rapid downtown to ogle Beatle boots at Higbee’s or pick up the latest 45 at Record Rendezvous on Prospect Avenue.

 In addition to the stories, Cleveland Rock and Roll Memories includes lists of local rock and roll facts and gathers old photos, concert tickets, show posters, patches and stickers, and vintage newspaper ads.

 In all, 114 people contributed stories and memorabilia for the book.

About the Author

Carlo Wolff writes for numerous publications including Goldmine,, the Boston Globe, the Chicago Sun Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, Sun Newspapers and Scene. He specializes in music criticism, book reviews, and feature articles about popular culture, travel, and business. He is also Features Editor of LH-Lodging Hospitality magazine. He lives in South Euclid, Ohio.

To request a review copy, or for more information, contact:

Jane Lassar, 800-708-2819; email:

The text of this release is available online at:






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